You can manage the purchase order by phone or by filling out the form on this page.

  1. Once the request is received, an advisor will contact you to fine-tune the details of the order (product type, delivery, method of payment, etc …).
  2. Iberirating’s team of qualifying technicians chooses the most suitable producer and lot according to the instructions received in the order.
  3. The consultant contacts again to inform the buyer of the specific details of the selected lot (quality and price rating).
  4. The buyer makes a deposit of 5% of the estimated value of the purchase, guarded by Iberirating, for the reservation of the merchandise. This deposit is returned in full if the operation fails to be perfected.
  5. The Iberirating team will arrange the day of preparation of the order with the producer. A technician is a person for the selection, creek and weighing of the merchandise, verifying the whole process.
  6. The expedition and liquidation are carried out according to the agreed details.


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