Iberirating is an agency specializing in hams trading and quality qualification. We advise international companies and manage the whole process of purchase in Spain and import to the country of destination.

We have an experienced team of specialists in the selection of products qualifying thousands of hams monthly, and in daily contact with over 300 producers.

We manage the entire purchase process and process all export-import documentation until delivery in the importing country.


Integral process Advantages for your company
  • Previous advice.
  • Choice of producer.
  • Negotiation of the price.
  • Product selection.
  • Creek, check and weigh.
  • Monitoring the order.
  • Customs documentation.
  • Direct producer prices.
  • Quality supervised by experts.
  • Saving on the purchase management.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increase in operating margin.
  • Confidence and security.


Process of the integral purchase service for import.

Previous advice. An Iberirating consultant contacts your company to agree on the most appropriate product for your needs, determine the typology and quality, price orientation and order requirements (traceability, labeling, packaging, delivery, payment method …)

Choice of producer. The team of consultants selects the most suitable producer according to the specifications defined in the purchase order.

Negotiation of the price. IberiRating negotiates with the producer selected the price of the lot on behalf of the customer according to the specifications of the order (weight requirements, presentation of merchandise, payments …). The consultant informs and requests the confirmation to the client of all the terms of the operation.

Selection of product and creek. An Iberirating specialist chooses the lot in the dryer and selects the pieces by setting one by one. Verifies weighing, issues compliance report (conforming units / non-conforming units discarded), and rating report with quality rating according to the Iberirating scale.

Monitoring the order. The Iberirating technician verifies the preparation and assembly of the order for shipment according to the details established in the order.

Customs documentation. The export-import department of Iberirating manages the accompanying documentation and certificates for shipments to the country of the buyer.

In addition, if this service has been agreed by both parties in the form of payment, IberiRating will act as depository of the payment of the order and will deliver the amount of the same to the producer upon confirming the buyer’s receipt.